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Aerosol Structure Measured By Double Field Of View Digital Sideband Holography

Ana María López Torres, Julia Lobera Salazar, Nieves Andrés Gimeno, Eva María Roche Seruendo, Francisco José torcal Milla, Virginia Palero Díaz

I3A-Universidad de Zaragoza, Zaragoza, Spain


Digital sideband in-line holography is a technique, based in classical digital in-line holography, that allows the measurement of the position and velocity of the particles in a three dimensional fluid flow. The great advantage of this technique is its very simple set-up, which basically requires a camera, a lens and a frequency filter to record the holograms. The sideband configuration removes the twin image and prevents the recording of unwanted frequencies that causes aliasing, therefore increasing the Signal-to-Noise Ratio. In this work it has been applied for the quantitative characterization of a three-dimensional aerosol, where droplet velocity and position have been measured. The field of view that can be recorded with magnification M≈1 has been doubled by illuminating two volumes with the same beam that crosses the aerosol twice before reaching the camera sensor. These two fluid volumes are analyzed independently while keeping a high spatial resolution in the axial component.

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