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Enhancing Sensitivity And Quantifying Uncertainty Of Volumetric Two-Colour Two-Dye Laser-Induced Fluorescence Thermometry Of Aqueous Solutions

Sina Kashanj, David Nobes

University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada


Laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) is a nonintrusive method for temperature field measurement in gaseous and liquid flow fields. There has been attempts to enhance the temperature sensitivity of this method mainly by applying two fluorescent dyes with opposite temperature sensitivity. While there has been advances in enhancing the temperature sensitivity of LIF thermometry in aqueous solutions, there factors that limits the enhancement of the temperature sensitivity. This work explores the factors that restricting the temperature sensitivity in the ratiometric systems using Fluorescein and Kiton red dyes. The uncertainty resources associated to this ratiometric system is also investigated considering the application of this method in both planar and volumetric configurations.

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