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Spatially-Resolved Freestream Velocity Measurements At The NASA Langley 31-Inch Mach 10 Air Tunnel Using FLEET

Neil S. Rodrigues, Olivia K. Tyrrell, Paul M. Danehy

NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, United States


Freestream velocity measurements in the NASA Langley 31-inch Mach 10 wind tunnel are reported in this paper using Femtosecond Laser Electronic Excitation Tagging (FLEET). The freestream measurements acquired during the January 2023 test campaign were the first direct measurement of freestream velocity in this hypersonic wind tunnel facility. Spatial distributions of time-averaged and instantaneous velocity measurements were obtained at all three typical wind tunnel freestream unit Reynolds number conditions of Re∞ /L = 1.8×10 6 [1/m] , 3.6×10 6 [1/m], and 6.4×10 6 [1/m], though the current paper focuses on centerline measurements for the three Re∞ /L and spatial distributions for one Re∞ /L. Measured values for time-averaged velocity and mean of the instantaneous velocity at the wind tunnel centerline agree within 5 m/s or 0.4% of the calculated velocity from the facility data acquisition system. Measurements acquired at locations away from the wind tunnel centerline reveal the spatial extent of the core flow of the hypersonic facility.

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