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Forward projected background oriented schlieren for study of sparks in internal combustion engines

Saraschandran Kottakalam (1), Gregor Rottenkolber (1), Christian Trapp (2)

1. Esslingen University of Applied Sciences, Esslingen Am Neckar, Germany
2. University of the Bundeswehr Munich, Munich, Germany


The use of renewable fuels, such as hydrogen, in internal combustion engines requires novel combustion strategies that require a deep understanding of their ignition phenomena. This leads to the need for improved or new measurement techniques that can provide further insight into these phenomena. As part of a study to better understand the ignition phenomenon, this paper presents a modified Background Oriented Schieren method developed to study the heat transfer from sparks generated by spark plugs. This new method is called Forward Projected Background Oriented Schlieren or FPBOS, and this is the first time such a method has been introduced to the best of the authors’ knowledge. FPBOS provides a flexible and more powerful alternative to other BOS techniques, especially for use in micro-calorimetry applications. It can be used similarly to any other BOS method and with different correlation algorithms. This study presents a detailed account of this technique and its use to obtain high resolution, high-speed visualisation of the heat transfer from the spark to the environment and the interaction of the spark with the flow field.

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