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Background-Oriented Schlieren technique using Fast Checkerboard Demodulation for extending measurement range of pressure of underwater shock waves

Y. Tagawa, M. Kawaguchi, S. Ichihara, J. Yee, T. Shimazaki

Dept. of Mech. Sys. Eng., Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan

We have successfully extended the measurement range by applying Fast Checkerboard Demodulation (FCD) to Background-Oriented Schlieren (BOS) technique, which is a contactless measurement technique. In the experiment, the apparent displacement field on the background image distorted by underwater shock waves were measured using FCD-BOS and contact measurement pressure (hydrophone). The results show that the measurement limitation of FCD is higher than the methods of previous studies which used Optical Flow (OF) and Digital Image Correlation (DIC) algorithms. Since the displacement is detected from the frequency change due to the distortion of the background image, FCD that combines fast Fourier transform (FFT) and a background image with a two-dimensional periodic pattern, can be applied to the large distortion which is difficult to be detected using OF and DIC. The numerical approach in our previous study(Shimazaki et al., 2022) showed that the measurement range of FCD-BOS is strongly influenced by the background pattern. Therefore, this study also performed numerical investigation on the use of synthetic background images with the frequency of the resultant wave of two sine waves of different wavelengths for FCD-BOS. The numerical results show that the measurement range using the synthetic background images with wavelengths of (60,60/12) μm is three times larger than the experimental measurement range using the lattice grid (width: 20 μm) background. In addition to the synthetic background of wavelengths of 60,60/12, the measurement accuracy, phase wrapping, overlap, and aliasing artifacts of those of (40,40/12) and (30,30/12) were investigated. Such results show the superiority of the background with the frequency of sine wave over that of square wave (lattice grid).

20th Edition
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