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Novel plenoptic Imager for 3D Particle Tracking Velocimetry for Fluid Structure Interactions

Mark Yamakaitis (1), Anis Rezaiguia (2), Roberto Capanna (1), Philippe Bardet (1)

1. George Washington University, Washington, United States
2. CEA, DES, IRESNE, Nuclear Technology Departmen, Saint-Paul-Lez-Durance, France


We show a novel plenoptic camera architecture and demonstrate its ability to perform three-dimensional three-component velocimetry using standard multi camera processing techniques. The novel architecture needs only a custom lens assembly with no modification to the camera body. This allows the use of any camera with an appropriate sensor size. The architecture directly creates multiple views of a scene side by side on the camera sensor which can be separated and treated as if they originated from independent cameras. Standard calibration techniques for creating 3D to 2D correspondence on the images can then be implemented to reconstruct 3D scene information. For this case we focus on performing 3D PTV using the commercial software DaVis and the "shake-the-box" algorithm. We look at the flow induced by an oscillating rod and compare the results with the analytical solution to validate the results.

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