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Volumetric Flow Field Measurements Around A Stepped Cylinder With An Object-Aware Lagrangian Particle Tracking Approach

Thomas Rockstroh

LaVision GmbH, Göttingen, Germany


Instantaneous, three-dimensional flow field measurements around cylindrical objects can pose special problems for the experimental set-up due to the complex camera set-up required to image the complete measurement domain. Recently, a novel Object-aware Shake-the-Box (OA-STB) has been proposed to integrate object information in the particle triangulation step for Lagrangian particle tracking (LPT) methods. Within this conference paper, a validation experiment of this novel OA-STB implementation is presented with the motivation of providing data analysis details and to serve as a guideline for future measurements of a similar scope. The reconstruction quality of the object aware particle triangulation is analyzed with respect to the estimated measurement uncertainties. Further, a single exemplary trajectory is considered in order to investigate, whether nonphysical discontinuities occur, when a particle crosses differently imaged regions.

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