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A Software Tool For Automated Analysis And Characterization Of Raw PIV Images

Guilherme M. Bessa, Yeganeh Saffar, Reza Sabbagh, David S. Nobes

University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada


The time to process large PIV data sets can be expensive and the resultant velocity fields are a strong function of the quality of the particle images used. For new and even experienced users of PIV, determination of the quality of a particle image data set can be challenging and time consuming especially for a large number of data sets. This is compounded with new high-speed camera systems that are capable of collecting terabytes of data quickly. A software tool is described here that allows the user to make informed decisions on the general quality of the data sets and what pre-processing image data steps are needed. The software provides statistical feedback on such parameters as particle count, particle size, particle intensity for not only a single image but also a complete data set. Using this software allows the user to make informed decisions and generate and document the quality of the data collected. Based on this, a robust PIV processing algorithm can be developed.

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