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Galerkin Model For Time Super-Sampling Of PIV Measurements

Qihong Lorena Li Hu, Patricia García-Caspueñas, Andrea Ianiro, Stefano Discetti

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Madrid, Spain


We propose a data-driven method for increasing the time resolution of snapshot Particle Image Velocimetry. The flow dynamics are reconstructed by integrating in time an empirical Galerkin model based on Proper Orthogonal Decomposition modes of the flow field, as developed by Noack et al. (2005). The main objective is to obtain a time-resolved description of the flow dynamics of an experimental non-time-resolved dataset. The proposed methodology is assessed both with numerical and experimental data of a wake and a jet flow. The results we obtained indicate that the method can effectively reconstruct the flow dynamics over a duration spanning several flow characteristic times.

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