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A Novel Cost-Effective Approach To Flow Visualization Using Particle Streak Angles

Rishav Raj (1), Abhiram Thiruthummal (2), Alban Pothérat (2)

1. Coventry University, Coventry, India
2. Centre for Fluids and Complex Systems, Coventry University, London, United Kingdom


Comprehending the complexity of pipe flow dynamics is important for a variety of sectors, including environmental, industrial, and engineering research. Conventional techniques such as Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) and Laser Doppler Velocimetry (LDV) have long been the heart of these kinds of investigations, but they are often quite expensive and complex. Our research offers a novel, affordable visualization method that aims to transform the way we examine and interpret flow dynamics in response to these challenges. Our method is developed to utilize a low-cost camera system with a simple laser setup to investigate fluid dynamics inside pipes. By introducing particles into the flow and manipulating the camera shutter speed in real-time under the laser, we created streaks capable of displaying complex flow patterns. We gathered precise information about streak angles using rigorous image processing, providing clarity in our insights into the flow dynamics of the particulate pipe flow. Notably, our strategy eliminates the need for expensive and sophisticated equipment while providing researchers and practitioners with a simple yet reliable alternative. The potential for improving our knowledge of pipe flow dynamics is shown by preliminary studies that demonstrate how well it captures dynamic flow characteristics. Our technique, which is easy to use and effective, promises fresh insights into fluid dynamics and opens up new avenues for pipe flow analysis, making it suitable for a broad spectrum of users.

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