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Analysis of the Flow Structure inside an Oscillating Sessile Drops in a Shear Flow Using Double-Helix 3D Particle Tracking Velocimetry and Adaptive Optics

Clemens Bilsing (1), Lars Büttner (1), Andreas Metzmacher (2), Uwe Janoske (3), Jürgen Czarske (1), Sebastian Burgmann (2)

1. TUD Dresden University of Technology, Dresden, Germany
2. Bergische Universität Wuppertal, Wuppertal, Germany
3. Bergische Universität Wuppert, Wuppertal, Germany


The motion and particularly the detachment mechanism of sessile drops in an air-shear-flow is highly relevant for many technical applications. For instance, water drops in fuel cells can block the oxygen transport and thus lower the overall efficiency. Hence, a deeper understanding of the drop detachment mechanism could facilitate efficiency optimisations. Nonetheless, until now only simplified models exist for predicting the critical velocity that do not take into account the mutual interaction of the air and the liquid via the non-rigid interface. One reason for this is the lack of knowledge of the flow inside the oscillating drop. In this contribution, we present the first three-dimensional flow measurements in oscillating sessile drops in shear flow. Time-averaged flow measurements were conducted for different Reynolds numbers. Furthermore, the phase-averaged flow field was measured. The measurements were conducted with a novel 3D-PTV method, which offers scanless three-dimensional flow measurements with a single optical access for a measurement volume that covers about 90 % of the drop volume. Moreover, we present a novel technique for conducting flow measurements through fluctuating gas-liquid interfaces based on adaptive optics. We demonstrate that this technique enables the correction of a systematic error corresponding to the magnitude of the first drop eigenfrequency, which seems to play an important role in the detachment mechanism of drops. The results give new insights about the fluid mechanics of sessile drops and thus may help in the optimisation of drop removal in e. g. fuel cells.

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