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SLIPI Polarization Ratio Combined With Light Transmission Imaging To Deduce Droplet Sizing And Liquid Volume Fraction In Optically Dense Sprays

Mehdi Stiti (1), Sebastien Garcia (2), J Alfred (3), Edouard Berrocal (4)

1. IMFT, Toulouse, France
2. ONERA, Toulouse, France
3. TETRAPAK, Lund, Sweden
4. Combustion Physics, Lund, Sweden


This paper addresses challenges in spray diagnostics, focusing on scenarios with high optical depths. Traditional laserbased techniques for droplet size measurements face issues related to light scattering and absorption. SLIPI polarization ratio method is used there in order to characterize the droplet diameter without the addition of dyes. The potential of the method for measurement of the Sauter Mean Diameter as well as the surface mean diameter is investigated using Phase Doppler measurement. The combinations of SLIPI polarization method and SLIPI transmission measurement in 3D allows for an estimation of the liquid volume fraction.

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