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Multi-Perspective Heterodyne Digital Holography For High-Speed Imaging Of Density Fluctuations In Supersonic Flow

Rishav Choudhary, Weixiao Wang, Christopher Limbach

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, United States


Density fluctuation measurements with high spatio-temporal resolution provide meaningful insights into the dynamics of turbulent structures in shear layers, boundary layers, and disturbances that influence the transition to turbulence. The current contribution presents a new multiple perspective digital holographic imaging technique that aims to resolve high-frequency density fluctuations with spatial discrimination along the line of sight. A key element of the proposed method is the generation of a beamlet array of varying view angles that is spatially overlapped within the measurement zone. We present the first experimental realization of this approach using a 7-element hexagonally packed fly’s eye lens array and analyze results for a pair of mutually perpendicular and axially offset sonic jets. The experimental apparatus also incorporates heterodyne detection with a heterodyne frequency set to 1/4 of the imaging frame rate. The optical system performance is evaluated for a crossing jet flow and key design considerations for the multi-perspective optical system are discussed.

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