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Plenoptic Molecular Tagging Velocimetry For In-Situ Deployment In Water

Steven W. Williams, Charles Fort, Yazan W. Sawalhi, Roberto Capanna, Philippe Matthieu Bardet

The George Washington University, Washington DC, United States


We introduce a compact plenoptic imager to study wall-bounded turbulence along the surface of a 6:1 prolate spheroid, at a Reynolds number of 12 × 10 6 with molecular tagging velocimetry (MTV). This paper discusses the design of the imager and the technical solutions necessary to deploy the system in a large specimen. This includes using optical fiber laser delivery for UV and visible lasers. The end goal is the measurement of three-dimensional velocity fields near the wall, which is imperative for detailed turbulence analysis. We also stress the importance of understanding wall shear stress, a key factor in studying boundary layer dynamics in high-speed flows. Overcoming these challenges and refining our methods will result in an improved understanding of flow dynamics in high-turbulence regimes.

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