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Fourier light-field microscope for micro tomo-PTV in a cross-junction microfluidic channel

Charles Fort, Halen Solomon, Roberto Capanna, Sheng Wang, Zhenyu Li, Philippe M. Bardet

The George Washington University, Washington Dc, United States


This paper presents a novel approach for comprehensive flow analysis within microfluidic systems by integrating particle tracking velocimetry (PTV) and shake-the-box (STB) techniques with plenoptic imaging. By combining the strengths of PTV and STB, which offer particle trajectory tracking and high-resolution particle position determination, respectively, our method enables accurate and detailed flow characterization. Leveraging Fourier light-field microscopy, a recent development of plenoptic imaging (or integral microscopy), we eliminate the need for multiple imagers and achieve high-resolution three-dimensional flow measurements using a single high-speed camera. The diffraction-limited resolution is on the order of 2 um in 3D, with the lateral and depth resolution within 25% of each other. This is an unprecedented depth resolution for a 3D velocimeter. Particle positions can in fact be resolved to less than the imaging wavelength. We demonstrate the effectiveness of this approach by capturing and analyzing a complex flow within a microfluidic device with a cross-junction channel. This measurement technique will provide valuable insights for optimizing microfluidic device design and performance as well as wall-bounded flows.

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