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Effect Of Wavy Structure Of Liquid Film On Flow Characteristics Of Impingement Jet Flowing On Fuel Liquid Film

Yoshio Zama (1), Hiroyasu Eriguchi (2), Tomohiko Furuhata (2)

1. Gunma University, Gunma, Japan
2. Division of Mechanical Science and Technology, Gunma University,, Maebashi, Japan


In recent years, diesel engines have been downsized in order to improve combustion efficiency by using high-pressure injection to atomize the fuel and to increase fuel economy. As a result, the diesel spray flame inevitably impinges on the combustion chamber wall, resulting in heat loss due to heat transfer between the flame and the wall. According to Newton's cooling law, the heat transferred from the flame to the wall is proportional to the heat transfer coefficient, which is closely related to the flow of the spray flame. However, there are few reports on the flow of a spray flame impinging on a wall. The flow characteristics of a non-vaporized spray impinging on a wall surface, assuming that the flow of a spray flame impinging on a wall surface is equivalent to that of a non-vaporized spray. The fuel film formed on the wall affected on the flow characteristics of the spray. When the spray flame impinges on the wall in the engine cylinder, no liquid film is formed on the wall, but during cold start, a liquid fuel film may form on the piston wall due to the low temperature in the engine cylinder, resulting in HC and soot emissions. As a result, the spray may flow over the formed film. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate the flow characteristics of the spray flowing over the fuel film. In this study, the experiments using an impingement gas jet were conducted on a wall surface with a fuel film, and the velocity field of the jet after impingement of the wall surface was measured by the time-series PIV. In addition, the thickness of the wavy liquid film formed by the gas jet impingement was measured by using the laser induced fluorescence (LIF) method, and discussed the relationship between the velocity of the jet after wall impingement and the characteristics of the wavy liquid film.

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