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Turbulence Analysis From Long-Exposure-Time Acquisitions With Interferometric Rayleigh Scattering

Thomas Castelain (1), Igor Kurek (2), Pierre Lecomte (1), Christophe Bailly (2)

1. Universite Claude Bernard Lyon 1, Ecole Centrale de Lyon, CNRS, INSA Lyon, LMF, Lyon, France
2. Ecole Centrale de Lyon, CNRS, Universite Claude Bernard L yon 1, INSA Lyon, LMF, Lyon, France


This study focuses on the analysis of long-exposure-time interferograms obtained with an Interferometric Rayleigh Scattering (IRS) set-up pointing at a high subsonic isothermal jet flow. The objectives are twofold: retrieve from seeding-free optical measurements the mean characteristics of this flow - in particular the mean velocity profile in the jet shear-layer - and determine higher order statistics for the flow velocity in the shear layer. The results are compared to those obtained on the same test bench by use of hot wire anemometry, and conclusions about the relevancy of the approach together with potential improvements are deduced therefrom.

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