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Time-Resolved Imaging Of Wavy Interface In The Primary Atomisation Region Of An Air Assist Atomiser Using An Event-Based Camera

Kuppuraj Rajamanickam, Yannis Hardalupas

Imperial College London, London, United Kingdom


The current work discusses the demonstration of a low-cost event-based camera for time-resolved imaging (10000 frames/sec) of a primary atomization zone in canonical air-assist atomizers. Experiments have been conducted simultaneously with traditional high-speed and event-based cameras, enabling us to quantitatively assess the potential of event-based cameras in spray imaging applications. Three atomization breakup regimes are considered: columnar, bag, and multimode. Dynamic Mode Decomposition (DMD) is implemented over the instantaneous data sets acquired from both cameras to assess their performance in extracting turbulence statistics. The obtained DMD modes from both cameras are similar, highlighting the potential of low-cost event-based cameras in extracting coherent structures and their spectral contents. Finally, the limitations (e.g., event saturation) of event-based cameras in the context of primary atomization are also discussed.

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