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A Web Portal For Automatic Performance Evaluation Of Lagrangian Particle Tracking And Data Assimilation Algorithms

B. Leclaire (1), P. Cornic (2), F. Champagnat (2), E. Fabre (3), F. Calmels (4)

(1) Dept. of Aerodynamics, Aeroelasticity and Acoustics, ONERA, Meudon, France

(2) Dept. of Information Processing and Systems, ONERA, Palaiseau, France

(3) Information Systems Dept., ONERA, Lille, France

(4) Information Systems Dept., ONERA, Châtillon, France

We introduce a web portal dedicated to benchmarking Lagrangian Particle Tracking (LPT) and Data Assimilation (DA) processing algorithms. LPT is here understood in a wide sense, as we consider acquisition situations ranging from only two illuminations (i.e. Particle Tracking Velocimetry - PTV) to a large number of images. The website, allows not only to download datasets, but also to upload results and automatically obtain their performance evaluation; in its principle, it is thus similar to a number of already existing benchmark websites in the computer vision community, while none existed so far in the community of optical metrology for fluid mechanics. On the basis of the obtained performance, a user has the choice to publish their results or not on the public page of the dataset. The present work presents the website structure, its rules for participation, and a description of the first dataset available at opening, namely the two-pulse (PTV) case of the First LPT and DA Challenge dataset (Sciacchitano et al. 2021). The portal is of course to be supplemented with further cases regularly, which can also arise from external contributions, by contacting the development team by email at

20th Edition
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