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1D Interferometric Rayleigh Scattering Velocimetry And Thermometry Using VIPA

X. Luo, Z. Al Hadi, Y. Krishna, G. Magnotti

Clean Combustion Research Center, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia

One-dimensional interferometric Rayleigh scattering is applied to simultaneous measure velocity and temperature by using virtually imaged phased array. The Doppler shift of interferometric pattern was produced by flow velocity plus laser drifts. Online monitoring of the laser wavelength is achieved by adding an additional F-P etalon-based IRS system. Velocity measurements at a low flow rates show an accuracy of 10 m/s. The Rayleigh-Brillouin spectrum is function of pressure and temperature, and provides temperature diagnostics in isobaric flows. The different fringes of interferometric pattern represent different measurements in temperature fitting. This make it possible that one-time experiment but multi-times measurement. The instrument precision of temperature was 3.5% at 809K, which was contributed by the signal to noise ratio decrease at high temperature.

20th Edition
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