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A Miniature Embedded Imaging System For Internal Flow Measurements

G. Eagan (1), C. Lewis (2), R. Alles (1), B. Rice (3), M. Hamilton (2), B. Thurow (1)

(1) Dept. of Aerospace Engineering, Auburn University, United States

(2) Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Auburn University, United States

(3) AFRL AEDC, United States

Through this work, the foundation has been laid for the development of a system for small-scale, integrated, image- based flow diagnostics for ground and flight tests. This system addresses many of the challenges associated with alternative methods of performing these measurements. For this work a 120 fps imager was embedded in the ceiling of a Mach 2.0 wind tunnel to perform oblique shock impingement measurements. Illumination was provided via a ring-light system of micro-LEDs embedded around the camera lens aperture. The entire system was controlled using a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B to capture and process image data. The integrated system possesses a total aperture diameter of 20 mm. Pressure sensitive paint and UV oil flow visualization experiments capturing an oblique shock/boundary layer interaction were performed using this system.

20th Edition
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