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Survey On PIV Errors And Uncertainty Quantification

S. Adatrao, A. Sciacchitano

Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

A survey on PIV error sources and uncertainty quantification (UQ) is performed. The aim of the survey is to understand how users and researchers in academia and industry perceive the PIV technique, especially for what concerns the measurement errors and uncertainties. A questionnaire is designed to determine the respondents’ areas of work/research, type of PIV setup they typically employ, flow properties they measure, challenges they encounter, most significant error sources and their UQ strategies. Over 100 respondents have provided valuable answers to the questions and supporting explanations. The responses are analyzed both quantitatively and qualitatively. The quantitative results are presented in form of figures, such as pie charts, bar graphs, bubble plots, and are supported by the analysis of the descriptive answers from the respondents. Overall, this work not only provides a picture of the current status of PIV perceived by the users and researchers but also highlights areas where further development is needed. To participate in the survey, follow the link-

20th Edition
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