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Calculation Of The Nusselt Number From Temperature And Velocity Data Obtained From Enhanced 3D Two-Colour LIF And 3D PTV In A Rayleigh-Benard Convection Cell

S. Kashanj, Y. Saffar, R. Sabbagh, D. S. Nobes

Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, University of Alberta, Canada

Experimental study of Rayleigh-Benard convection (RBC) requires 3D measurement of the velocity and temperature due to the complexity of the physics of this system. Using a scanning system, the application of the 3D particle image velocimetry (PTV) and 3D time-resolved two-color laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) is investigated on a slender RBC cell. Calculation of the out-of-plane velocity component by using the planar velocity components and applying the continuity law is discussed. From these observations that calculation of the dimensionless heat transfer coefficient, the Nusselt number from the 3D reconstructed temperature field close to the boundary of the fluid domain is investigated.

20th Edition
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