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Investigating The Flow Structure Of Dean Vortices In A Curved Microchannel; Implementing 3D-µPTV Using FVM And Near Wall Data Refinement

Y.Saffar, D.S. Nobes, R. Sabbagh

Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, University of Alberta, Canada

Microfluidic devices are now more commonly used for various applications in medical diagnosis, pharmaceutical and agricultural applications. Flow structure in these devices can be useful for passive manipulations. Therefore, developing an experimental investigation to study a common geometry in micro devices such as the flow in a curved channel can be a booster in designing high performance microfluidic devices. The paper provides a study on the implementation of the scanning μPTV in a micro device. It also investigates the application of a tessellation approach to refine the near wall data using a high quality triangular mesh. The out-of-plane velocity calculation method is also developed to reconstruct the 3D velocity field inside the microchannel device.

20th Edition
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