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Reconstruction of The Ice Front Within an Icing Droplet Using High Speed Laser Induced Fluorescence Imaging

M. Stiti (1), A. Labergue (2), F. Lemoine (2), G. Castanet (2)

(1) Division of Combustion Physics, Department of Physics, Lund University, Lund, Sweden

(2) Université de Lorraine, CNRS, LEMTA, F-54000, Nancy, France

An experimental setup is implemented in order to study the solidification of a drop impinging a subcooled substrate. One of the major problems relying the study of droplet solidification consist of the visualization of the solidification front within the droplet. Indeed, shadowgraphy measurement only allows the observation of the solidification front along the tri-junction liquid/solid/air. The use of the Laser Induced Fluorescence provides information on the evolution of the horizontal solidification front in a droplet over t ime. The images reconstruction of the solidification front is made by using two high-speed cameras (side view and top view). The measurements allow for the first time to observe the evolution of the solidification front geometry over t ime. The measurements, carried out on a duralumin

substrate, were then compared with a 2D numerical model taking into account the heat transfers conjugated with the substrate.

20th Edition
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