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Hybrid Pulse-Burst / Cross-Correlation DGV For High-Speed Flow Measurements At 100 KHz

R. A. Burns (1), T. W. Fahringer, Jr. (2), P. M. Danehy (2)

(1) National Institute of Aerospace, USA

(2) NASA Langley Research Center, USA

Hybrid pulse-burst Doppler global velocimetry (PB-DGV)/pulse-burst, cross-correlation DGV (PB-CC-DGV) was demonstrated for the first time in the NASA Langley 4-foot Supersonic Unitary Plan Wind Tunnel, allowing simultaneous acquisition of mean and instantaneous high-repetition-rate velocity fields. The technique was used to make planar velocity measurements across an oblique shockwave generated by a large splitter plate set at a -2° angle of attack in a Mach 2.4 flow. Sequences of >100 consecutive instantaneous velocity images were obtained at a rate of 100 kHz. Velocity fields from both aspects of the hybrid measurement indicated errors less than 1-percent of anticipated velocities. Likewise, all assessments of measurement precision were approximately 1.6-percent of the local velocities. Additional demonstrations in different flowfields including a subsonic axi-symmetric jet and a supersonic Mars reentry vehicle model further illustrate the utility of the new hybrid method.

20th Edition
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