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Full-Volume Investigation Of Moving Rigid And Flexible Wings Using Lagrangian Particle Tracking Of Surface Markers And Tracer Particles

D. Schanz, R. Konrath, R. Geisler, A. O. Erdogdu, J. Agocs, A. Schröder

Institute of Aerodynamics and Flow Technology, German Aerospace Center (DLR), Göttingen, Germany

This work describes a combined measurement of the volumetric flow around moving wings and the shape and orientation of the rigid or flexible wing surface. For both, the Shake-The-Box Lagrangian Particle Tracking method is applied, tracking polyamide seeding particles in the water flow, as well as a high number of surface markers on both sides of the wing. A system of eight high-speed cameras is used in order to capture the full volume from all sides, yielding long time-resolved sequences of approx. 6 seconds length. The aim is to simultaneously determine the aerodynamic and the structural forces, thereby solving the so-called Collar’s triangle. The movement patterns of the investigated wings are inspired by flapping wing flight of birds. This measurement shall supply data for the development of advanced Micro Aerial Vehicles, capable of flying efficiently and with a high resistance to external disturbances.

20th Edition
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